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About the Project:

Everyone has seen damaged or vandalized gravestones and wished there was something they could do. The damage vandals cause violates our sense of humanity, and storm damage is almost as sad. Age itself can steal history, as time and nature erase the names of our ancestors.

Currently, it is very difficult for smaller or rural communities to find funds for the restoration or repair of neglected cemeteries and cemetery stones. Cemeteries occupy a niche in the IRS tax rules (because they are considered private property) that makes it very difficult to find government or foundation grants.

Our mission:

  • To provide training in cemetery stone cleaning, repair and restoration techniques to individuals hoping to assist their communities in restoring local cemeteries.
  • To educate the public in the fundraising strategies being used by others to fund similar projects.
  • Through oversight and accountability, the national Stone Angels Project will be able to assist its chapters in allowing donations made locally to be tax-deductible by their communities' donors.
  • To create a database of endangered (and aren't they all?) gravestones, which will include information not included elsewhere, such as artist and photos of each stone. Such an archive is important, as some of the information and art of these stones is lost every day due to vandalism, natural phenomena and just plain age.
  • To manage a database of craftspeople with the skills necessary to help repair and restore damaged stones and neglected cemeteries.



If you have historic gravestones that you would like to include in our Adopt-an-Ancestor program, please contact me with any information you have on the person and his or her historical importance to the community, a picture of the stone, and what you think it will cost to repair or reset it (if it is tilting dangerously, for example). I can contribute genealogical services to help fill out the description, and we can post it here for others to contribute to its repair.

How you can help :

The Stone Angels Project is a 501(c)3. All donations made to the organization are tax deductible. If we are helping with a specific project, please let us know, and your tax-deductible donations can be made to that project.

Here is our current wish list for start-up:

  • A board of directors: legal and accounting skills are helpful.
  • A small used RV to be transformed into our International Headquarters
  • Wherever it is needed

There are two ways to give. For a safe, internet transaction with or without a Paypal account, please click on the donate button to the left, and be sure to note how you would like the donation to be applied.

To send a gift by check please remit to:

Stone Angels Project

424 South 48th

Lincoln, NE 68510


Corporate Partnership:

The Stone Angels Project is seeking a partnership with a corporation or corporations in the preservation, cemetery or other applicable industries. If your corporation would be interested in the tax-breaks and national publicity, or just in the saving of historic hand-carved stonework now in danger of being lost forever, please let us know.

Please contact Dr. Shannon Nolte for more information.



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